People’s Action is one of the largest and fastest-growing multi-racial people’s organizations in the country. We are a democratically governed network of 39 member organizations in 29 states who create national movements from the grassroots up.


From family farms to big cities, from coast to coast, we’re building a world liberated from systemic oppression, where people and

planet come before profit.


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Our work in the 2020 election is bigger than any one candidate or ballot measure.


We will use the energy of the 2020 moment to grow our membership base. We will leverage our people-power to knock on doors that campaigns won't: in public housing apartment buildings, down dirt roads in rural towns, to homes where kitchen table conversation isn't in English.


We will increase the multi-racial working class' influence on electoral outcomes in every race, and build real relationships with candidates who commit to enact our people's platform.

Progressive organizations aren’t here to keep you in office: we’re here to transform our communities, liberate ourselves and our members from corporate greed and state violence.

Laura Martin
Director, PLAN Action & People's Action Board Member
Quote from "Blue Wave, Meet Brick Wall" in The Nation (10/9/2019)


APRIL 2019

We are a national network that thinks decades ahead about what we are trying to win and what we need to build to get there. The Long-Term Agenda is not a blueprint or a series of policy wins that will in themselves produce a new economy and a society. It is a guide that will keep us true to our course, a touchstone that challenges us to raise our game in strategic thinking.

Our 2020  People’s  Platform speaks to the stepping stone reforms that will move us toward achieving the Long-Term Agenda, including Improved Medicare For All, a national Homes Guarantee, 100% Just and Clean Energy For All, Free College For All, and more.

Naming our shared vision & aligning our priority issues


SEP - OCT 2019

In early September, People’s Action distributed detailed questionnaires to leading presidential candidates. The Delegates Assembly – a democratic body comprised of two representatives from each member group in our network – crafted the questions. We requested response within three weeks.

Five candidates – Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang – also chose to participate in our
People’s  Presidential  Forums in Iowa and Nevada. While the events were not a formal part of our endorsement process, they were opportunities for our Delegates, our base, and members of the public to gain valuable insights to the candidates’ views on the issues that matter most to us.

Offering candidates opportunities to demonstrate alignment with our values and platform


NOV 2019

In November, the People’s Action Delegates Assembly will vote on endorsement. The outcome of the vote will be submitted to the People’s Action Board of Directors, which retains the right to approve or reject the Delegates’ recommendation.

More information will be made public following these meetings.

Democratically deciding which candidate shares our mission, if any