Movement Politics is about elevating people power over the power of concentrated wealth, rallying voters around bold issue agendas rather than what's considered "safe" or "winnable," spreading narratives of hope rather than watered-down, reactive messaging, and addressing issues of race, class, and gender head-on.

Do you believe in these principles and will you run your presidential campaign based on them?

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No candidate will save us – we are saving ourselves.


We believe a strong grassroots movement is an irreplaceable ingredient in our liberation. We are fed up with transactional elections and broken promises.


That's why we are electing our members to office and supporting candidates who commit to co-govern with our movement at all levels of government. We will work together to pass a peoples' platform, and we will hold electeds accountable when they fail to put people first.


What role do you want grassroots movement organizations to play as a part of your governance plan to make sure we win on issues that matter to multiracial poor and working-class communities?

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Will you consult with grassroots movement organizations, labor, and public interest groups when hiring and appointing members of your administration, and inform us of whom you have hired and why?

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