“Sacrifice zones” are communities located in or around some of the most polluted and poisoned places in the United States. Because of environmental racism, low-income people and people of color are more likely to live in a sacrifice zone, next door to polluting industries or military bases.

People's Action supports passing No More Sacrifice Zones legislation, which would dismantle existing sacrifice zones and pay reparations to communities that have been abandoned due to pollution.


Will you support a No More Sacrifice Zones bill?

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People’s Action fights for 100 Percent Just and Clean Energy For All, which means a 100% renewable energy system that is 100% democratically controlled by and for communities of color and the working class.


In order for our energy system to work for all of us and our planet,  it's not as simple as switching from fossil fuels to wind and solar – we must ensure frontline communities decide how energy is generated, distributed, and owned. We demand a democratically controlled, ecologically regenerative energy economy that treats access to and control over energy as a human right.