We organize to win Improved Medicare for All, a system that eliminates for-profit private health insurance and creates an equitable public system with guaranteed comprehensive care for all people.


Covered services must include mental health, harm reduction and medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorder treatment and recovery, and reproductive health. Improved Medicare for All must also address the specific needs of rural communities.

Do you support Improved Medicare for All?
If so, what is your plan to pass it within four years?

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Our country faces a healthcare crisis.


Medicaid privatization caused service cuts and outright denials of care to those who need it most. People insured through their job face ever-rising premiums and reduced access. The problem is clear: insurance and pharmaceutical corporations don't have to care about our health because they profit off our illnesses and disabilities.

At People’s Action, we fight for
Improved Medicare For All – a single-payer system where everyone is in, nobody is out, and all services are covered.


How will you end the overdose crisis without any net increase in arrest, incarceration, and racial disparities?
Explain how you will help shift the response to the overdose crisis from one of stigma and criminalization to one of compassion, public health interventions, and harm reduction.

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